Elequal Whippets

Elequal Whippets



Thankyou to the following judges who thought highly enough of Connor to place him and deliver the following critique's:



1st April 2012 - Hound Association Puppy Stakes - Judge Sue Ergis

1st Smith's Courthill Crimson Shadow

Very promising Whippet, Lovely flowing outline, Loved his sound true movement,

Well balanced, off good size, should have a very bright future.


13th May 2012 - Birmingham National - 1st Mpd / BPD / BPiB - Judge Richard Mason










Smith's Courthill Crimson Shadow.

Brindle at 8months.

A youngster with a lovely outline and good length, a very stylish puppy.

Moved well all ways without exageration. Caught my eye on the first run round and didnt dissapoint



17th June 2012 Northwich CS Open show - 1st PD /BPiB/HGP2 - Judge Jeremy Goddard

Smith's Courthill Crimson Shadow,

quality 9 months brindle dog puppy from the top drawer,

long lean skull, gentle expression, strong jaw, elegant neck, clean shoulders, straight legs,

deep chest, free and easy mover,  immaculately presented with such a fine coat and skin. BP, PG2


15th July 2012 - East Anglia Whippet Club - 2nd PD - Judge Jan Woods








Smith’s Courthill Crimson Shadow, 

Red fawn brindle built on more compact lines than class winner,

good through head, eyes, ears and underjaw, correct reach of neck which flows nicely into well laid shoulders,

good fill, depth of brisket and ribs well sprung for a puppy, correct rise over strong loin, well-muscled quarters

with good thigh and second thigh, put down in superb condition, moved well.















1st and Overall winner, smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow. Blue Brindle Whippet,

Lovely size, classic head and well set ears. Long neck into well placed shoulder and upper arm, good depth of ribbing for age. Long in body with correct rear angulation, bone to the ground standing on good feet.

Moved true coming and going with extension in profile and

In gleaming condition.


12th August 2012 - BPiB + HG2 Bolton CS - Under Mike Spencer

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow, 11months brindle male, pleasing in head, eye colour, correct bite

good length to neck, set into correct shoulders, straight forelegs standing on strong pasterns, well arched tight feet bodying up nicely with deep brisket & good ribbing at this stage, moved with drive with good forward reach.

Connor Birmingham National Connor-EAWC-July12

4th August  2012 -  

BEST PUP in the Hound Show Heat of the 'ProPlan pup of the year 2012' under Jenny Startup