Elequal Whippets

Elequal Whippets


Thankyou to the following judges during 2013 who thought highly

enough of Connor to place him and deliver the

following critique's:



Leigh CS - Toni Agnew (Mwenga)

1st - Open - BoB

 Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow

Very smart red brindle junior presenting a beautifully balanced picture

on the stack and didnt dissappoint on the move. Just right for size and beautifully presented.

I loved his head, he has a typical expression and is well made front and rear.

On the move he had a super extension and used his hocks well.

Pleased to make him my best of breed



Ashton in Malerfield - Marion Sargent (Tegwani)

1st Limit - BoB


18 mth old red brindle, nice shape, like his topline & tailset,

good angles, pleasing head & eye, good eye set, nice front,

well angulated rear, moved well.  



NCWC - Vanna Leathart

1st Yearling

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow

Brindle of ideal size, Lovely typy outline, good depth of brisket and nice spring of rib,

good layback of shoulder, well muscled quarters and nice turn of stifle.

Best mover in class



Crewe - Derek Robertson

Ist Post Graduate

Fawn Lightly brindled dog i have admired in the past.

I was not disappointed going over him.

Just the correct size for a dog, not too large with a balanced construction.

Good head, eyes, ears, length of neck, lovely topline and undercut and quality of bone.

Soundest of movers in all paces.



Tongue and District CS

1st open - Best of Breed - Judge Mark Walshaw

Brindle male, Nicely balanced dog of good size from head to tail, which showed in the

composed effortless movement, covering the ground with ease.

Very pleasing head, ear and eye. Sufficient angulation

at every angle. Good front, good length of back with firm loin.

Well muscled throughout. True coming and going with decent front extension.

Pleased to see him win the group and go onto BiS.


Tongue and District CS

Best in Show - Judge Ernie Paterson JP

Very good balance with a good outline.

Scored in head and eye, good shoulders, front and feet.

Excellent top line and quarters, very positive action both ways.



Preston CS

Breed and Group - Judge Tim Jone (Eardley)

Breed class

Smith's Courthill Crimson Shadow, pale brindle lovely head and eye, ample neck

good depth to chest, moved soundly

Group stage

Whippet, didnt put a foot wrong quality through and through. Easy flowing mover



Bolton CS

1ST Open and Best of Breed - Judge Serena Parker

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow, lovely sized boy with super head, eye, earset and expression.

beautifull body lines come from his correctly made forehand, reachy neck, correct toplin and croup into lovely hindquarters

with good development of second thigh. So sound out and back with a lovely daisy cutting stride, in gleaming coat and condition.

He was very close contention for the group win. One to be watched.




Lancaster CS - Judge Roger Perkins

1st Open - Best of Breed

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow

Well balanced brindle dog with masculine head &

pleasing dark eye. Neck flowed into laid back shoulders,

good turn of stifle, ample muscle, moved with drive.


Hound Group 1 - Judge Lynn Yacoby-Wright

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow, Whippet, well balanced F/Br

Fine coat with good head, neat ears, correct outline

with deep brisket. He extends well in profile and shown

in excellent condition




South Yorkshire Whippet Club

1st Post Graduate - Judge - Di Morgan

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow. Brindle, An eye catching dog of the

correct size, with good deep body and shapely outline which he kept on the move.




North Eastern Whippet Society

1st Mid Limit - Reserve C C  - Judge Mr Richard Mason (Aphrael)

Smiths Courthill Crimson Shadow

A dog i have judged before and continue to like. A dark fawn brindle of ideal size.

Good head and neck leading into well laid shoulders. Lovely

outline with deep brisket, good tuck up and nicely arched.

Well muscled rear quarters give good drive.

Excellent movement all round