Elequal Whippets

Elequal Whippets


Thankyou to the following judges during 2014 who thought highly enough of Pippa to place her

and deliver the following critique's:




Rochdale DCS - Judge - Rusty Grayson

1st Smiths Ranveli Swede Dreams at Elequal, Lovely type

and size, clean outline, well balanced head, nicely filled front, clean

over shoulder, deep chest, good ribbing, gentle rise over loin, muscled thighs.

Moved well in profile covering ground.




Tongue and District CS - Judge Steve Bradley

1st Smiths Ranveli Swede Dreams at Elequal, Nice feminine young bitch

good head lovely lay of shoulder, excellent topline. good depth

of brisket, extended well in front and drove with power from rear




Fylde Kennel Ass - Judge Kim Latheon

Smith's Ranveli Swede Dreams at Elequal, CR/W bitch, stood

out in a very strong class as graceful & balanced.

Well muscled without being overdone in any way.

Straight front, excellent oval feet, well padded.

Moved with purpose, deserved her BoB and G1.