Elequal Whippets

Elequal Whippets




Thankyou to the following judges who thought highly enough of Rio to place him and deliver the following critique's:




04/10/2009 - Emma North Row 

     Smith's Shardbeck Shoshone. Brindle. Raw puppy who needs time, decent shoulders


06/12/2009 - Julie Holland

Smith’s Shardbeck Shoshone. Fwn brd D.11 months. Correct lay back of shoulders and straight forelegs. Deep brisket and good length of loin.. He has a shapely underline to match his correct topline,  good rear angulation and moved well.


19/12/2009 - Mr. S.Mallard

Smith's Shardbeck Shoshone, developing smartly and covering just enough ground, enough reach to neck, shoulders a little steep. Good legs and feet and shape to hind quarters and an honest mover.


16/01/2010 - Mrs. S.Hewart-Chambers

Pleasing well filled in head, well set and used ears. Feet well knuckled, good spring of rib, moved out easily.


18/04/2010 - Roz Holland

1st Smiths Shardbeck Shoshone. Pale brindle, correct bite, nice neck into clean shoulder, good bone and feet, held topline on the move, correct hind angulation, low hocks.


03/04/2011 - David Howarth

1st Smiths Shardbeck Shoshone, another good one. Well balanced head with a good strong jaw, good round eyes giving lovely expression.Good reach of neck, straight in front, strong legs with plenty of bone. Good ribcage with adequate width and depth. Strong loins and powerful quarters. Looked and moved well.


12/08/2012 - Mike Spencer

Brindle male, won this PG class on his overallbalance and movement, lovely head and eye colour, correct scissor bite excellent length of neck set into well placed shoulders, deep brisket & length to ribbing leading into

good length and depth of loin, correct topline nicely sloping into croup, strongly muscled thighs & straight hocks

well off for bone, standing in tight feet covering the ground with ease