Elequal Whippets

Elequal Whippets


Shardbeck Shoshone

D.o.B: 18 January 2009



Rio is our first whippet and he has warmed our hearts to this wonderful breed.

He has settled into the family from day one and has shown his inteligence by picking up from some of the training we use with the GSP's.

He possesses the very gentlest of natures, he is very loving, loyal and a real credit to his caring breeders - SHARDBECK.

A big thankyou to Mrs Pat Clewes for allowing Rio to come and live with us here at Elequal, we will be forever gratefull.

Rio Critiques Rio Pedigree

24th June 2011 - Rio has passed his starter agility class and moves into the intermediate class

19th August 2011 - Rio passes his 2nd Agility course and moves into the Agility club level

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